Now I wish I had been regular in keeping a journal. Over the years I have written mostly short-term journals about specific events, weeks, trips, experiences. At least once I tried to begin long-term journals that I thought would go on indefinitely like in 1996. But they never seem to continue for very long. It takes more discipline to do a daily journal or diary than I have usually been willing to commit to!

After each child was born I started journals about their lives from the beginning which I thought would be a joy to them when grown. Juli’s Journal is merged in here chronologically. When Jason was a teenager he did not like what I was doing, considering it “too personal” and he took my “Jason Journal” and destroyed it.

The journal of my time in The Gambia was off and on with the most consistent part being a series of 33 monthly newsletters linked below, though I talked of deeper things in my personal journal. The first 12 years of retirement while in Nashville after returning from Gambia is another story from 2003 to 2014 with off and on journaling again. Then before I moved my retirement to Costa Rica, I switched my journaling to the Blog on this website, maybe now my most complete or most consistent journal and it’s full of photos!   🙂  It became a “Nature Blog” but nature was the main thing in my retirement and my life plus I do share personal things or my daily life some on the blog. 

So, these Journals, Letters, and the current Blog are the closest thing I have now to a written biography. 

As I update and organize this compilation of old journals, I added letters and other documents may be added later that make a sort of a “raw biography,” mostly for myself, not expecting many if anyone else to read or care about it. I’m not even sure what compels me to document my life except for thinking it is quite unique.   🙂   And when writing family history I have wished so many times that some of my family in the past had done something like this!   🙂

Here I’m simply trying to pull together all the above pieces chronologically. These journals are in some ways the deeper portions of my life story as this website becomes the big picture of my life.  And what a grand adventure this life has been!   🙂

Charlie Doggett Journals – MENU

Now all my “journals” are together in one place.   🙂

“A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to become. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream.”   

~Brad Wilcox

¡Pura Vida!

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