The RA Campcraft Book – 1969-73 Project

This book is the one thing most influenced by Boy Scouts. The first or original RA Campcraft book was by Frank Black, a former professional Scouter who had been convinced to work for Royal Ambassadors. His first book is at left, while my new book cover is at top of page as the feature photo.

Frank became one of my best friends while in Memphis. Soon after arriving one of the many jobs put on my “To Do” list was to update Frank’s Campcraft book. But first I had to update the program manuals for Pioneers and Ambassadors, the youth area of RAs.

Then I got on the campcraft book which was released in 1973, the first edition with a “waterproof” cover that did not work very well and was replaced on future printings. I updated every portion of Frank’s book and added quite a bit. I was very proud of the campcraft book as well as the new RA manuals.

I insisted that we keep Frank’s name on the new book and first before mine, thus on the inside title page it says By Frank Black and Charlie Doggett. My supervisor and I together decided not to put an author name on the front cover. And many of the state RA Directors contributed to changes and improvements as well as me. And my work on the book was of course highly influenced by my Boy Scout experiences as I’m sure were Frank’s in the first edition.

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