Hogar de Vida Children’s Home Atenas


Above video best seen full screen.

“Homes of Life” is a Christian ministry out of the United States with childrens homes for neglected and abused children in both Guatemala and Costa Rica. The one for Costa Rica is located here in Atenas. The Atenas home communicates mostly through their  Facebook Page  which you can “like” or “follow.”  “Home of Life” in Spanish is “Hogar de Vida.”

I am on the board of directors or trustees and help host an annual group of senior adults from First Baptist Nashville for a week-long work project or mission trip. Below is a slide show of some of the work they did while here in April 2018. To see a more complete picture of what they did for a week here, see my photo gallery:  2018-April–5-12–Hogar de Vida Volunteers.  Be aware that for the safety of the children we are not allowed to show their faces on the internet and in social media, so you are missing my best photos of them, but today this seems to be necessary.

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My intention is to give one day a week as a volunteer in maintenance or gardening but with health issues, travels and website/blog changes I really haven’t had a day a week to give, but think I eventually will!   🙂

I do help support them financially which you can do electronically on the Homes of Life website linked above or go here.