A Blessed Easter from Costa Rica

A quiet morning walk, a special breakfast, the songs of birds in my trees, and a bouquet of lilies in my house replace my old traditions of Easter Eggs for the children and a “dressed up” Easter Worship in a Baptist Church for most of my life. That old tradition is not me now.

Easter Flowers in my Home.

This majority Catholic country has both traditions and superstitions that I explored those first few years here. This week’s Tico Times online article Processions and Superstition Mark Easter Week in Costa Rica describe only some of those and my blog posts & galleries linked below describe even more.

Those first years I tried the local Evangelical Church and the main Catholic Church for Easter Services, neither of which fit me as I identify now more with Quakers (Friends) than any other group, though there is no Friends Group meeting near me now. (I may start traveling to San Jose for a Friends Meeting soon.) Here are links to earlier blog posts related to Easter and four photo galleries also related to Easter:

East Procession at the main Catholic Church of Atenas, Costa Rica.

Past Easter-related Blog Posts & Galleries

¡Pura Vida!

Happy Easter!

2 Replies to “A Blessed Easter from Costa Rica”

  1. Hi Charlie

    Happy Easter!

    We met at Maquenque back in February – we found we had a lot in common – in particular photography. I’ve been following your blog with interest since coming back home to the UK – your photos and commentary are always interesting, and makes me feel like part of me is still back in Costa Rica!

    Keep up the good work.

    Your friend,

    Paul (Jarrald)

    1. Paul,
      Of course I remember you as one of my kindred spirits, for nature photography at least! 🙂

      Thanks for following my blog and I do hope you come back to Costa Rica again and maybe you too will eventually retire here! 🙂 Not that you are near old enough yet!

      I have thought of you several times because the only “TV” I ever see is internet computer downloaded nature documentaries from CuriosityStream.com which has had several from the UK recently. To be such an old country, you seem to have some very nice nature preserves. 🙂

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