A Young Dutch Hero for Me

Yesterday morning Stijn (he pronounces it sort of like the English word “sang”) who is taking a year away from a university in Holland to “see the world” is for now a tourism intern here at Guayabo Lodge (after spending time first in Indonesia). He does all the jobs here including front desk, restaurant waiter, and was my guide to visit the archaeological site and National Monument Guayabo. We are kindred spirits as he too loves to travel and do nature photography. (He’s a good photographer too!)

Stijn and Charlie at Archaeological Site. beside a 2000 year old road.

Read on to see more photos of the archaeological site and then the stairs that I tumbled down last night when Stijn again came to my rescue. 🙂

My Gallery of the Archaeological Site Visit

The photo of Stijn and me above is along side the 2000 year old Guayabo Town Road while the photo below is of the mound upon which the town chief or shaman had his house and office. For more of my photos, see Guayabo National Monument Visit Gallery.

The central mound of Guayabo where the chief or shaman lived and ruled.

Last Night I fell down a flight of stairs landing head first

As in other falls I proved to be as hard-headed as ever though this time I got more than a knot on my head with cuts & abrasions on the head, eyebrow, cheek, and leg. But thank God no broken bone! I was just a scary-looking mess with blood all over my head and clothing. The head bleeds easier than any other place on the body.

A tourist from Colorado who said he was on a volunteer search and rescue team performed first aid with the help of others holding flashlights, wetting towels, etc. And Stijn? At the boss’s suggestion, he moved all my stuff from the upstairs room to a downstairs room (no more stairs for me!). That was a big job with everything unpacked and scattered all over the room and bathroom. Then he brought me my dinner in three courses to eat in the room and made sure I was alright before leaving me for the night.

I was in some pain much of the night and did not sleep much, but feel great today! I will stay around the lodge today, having postponed my birding hike with Stijn that was originally scheduled for this morning. 🙂 Maybe tomorrow and then the next day to Irazu Volcano. We will see if I’m up to it,. I’m not posting photos of my bruises, cuts and abrasions, but here’s the stairs this clumsy old man of 81 tumbled down last night, landing head first at the bottom . . .

¡Pura Vida! – ANYWAY!


12 Replies to “A Young Dutch Hero for Me”

  1. Oh, Charlie! I am so sorry about your fall, abrasions, and bump on the head. No wonder you didn’t sleep well.

    I hope you are mended soon and that you will be able to resume your adventures.

    1. Thanks Larry! And it will take more than that fall to stop my adventures! 🙂

      And thanks for that article on the CR presidential election.

    2. Good grief Charley!
      When you get back to Roca Verde please do not hesitate to let us do errands for you if you are still sore. Will check in on you when you are back.

      1. Thanks Steve! I’m really okay even if a little sore! 🙂 I stayed around the lodge yesterday, taking it easy, then saw 2 volcanoes today and will just look for birds around the lodge tomorrow, coming home Friday. Hope you are having a good time with your friends! Hasta luego!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your fall! I’m glad they were so helpful in caring for you and wisely moving you to a downstairs room. You were smart to postpone today’s hike. I hope you feel up to enjoying the rest of your holiday. Stijn sounds like a good guide and friend!

  3. Charlie, I hope you mend soon. Stairs and balance issues on them are my age 80 handicap also. I’ve not fallen but I accept my limitations. Will not go up and down stairs without holding on to handrails. Still pray every night at bedtime for your continued recovery and strength improvement.

    1. Thank you so much Reagan! I’m alive and thriving today because of prayers from friends like you! This month I have my one year check-ups with both the oncology surgeon and the radiation doctor and expect good reports!

      And yeah, I’m learning that I must hold on to handrails – just a slower learner than you! 🙂

  4. Thanks Lisa! The owner and staff at this little mountain lodge here have been so nice and helpful, caring. They are helping me to take care of myself! 🙂

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