Heliconius Butterfly or Moth?

As you know, some butterflies live only a few days or weeks. And some of those decide to come into my house before they die! I sweep out dead insects every morning! I’ve had more than one of this particular species inside and one I found dead today (1st two photos). I am pretty sure it is in the Heliconia family but can’t place it in one of the known 29 subspecies. It seems to be like a Postman but they are usually red rather than orange with the black and white and different body. It is also similar to the Heliconius Linnaeus and the Heliconius Ismenius, but not exactly! So I’m calling it an Unidentified Heliconius Butterfly or Moth.

Moth or Butterfly?
Moths have furry bodies like this guy but butterflies usually have brighter colors and club antennae like this.
But there are exceptions to all rules and I need an expert to help identify this one!
Back or bottom side of this butterfly/moth.
Bottom is almost always totally different than the top side.
They come in my always open doors, then
try to get out a closed window screen.
Not too smart.


My moving flower arrangements inside.  🙂

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