Unidentified Moth or Skipper

I have the largest book I can find on butterflies and moths in Costa Rica and yet I continue to find and photograph live specimens not in my books nor can I find on the many websites – a little frustrating for someone who likes to label everything! 🙂 But anyway, here’s my newest unidentified butterfly/moth found in my garden in Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica:

On the outside wall of my house by the garden, Atenas, Costa Rica

Because I expect to be able to identify all my butterfly/moth photos, I’m frustrated:

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration. “

~Antonio Banderas


¡Pura Vida!

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Unknown Black Butterfly/Moth

Another new one today! And like those Skippers, I can’t identify with my books or the internet. This one is possibly a moth but not necessarily! 🙂 Since June 24 I’ve been trying to photo a new/different butterfly every day. I missed 3 days, but have posted 10 almost in a row and all 10 different. 🙂 Doesn’t take much to entertain me! 🙂 And that shows the vairety of butterflies in my garden!

Unknown Black or Charcoal Butterfly/Moth

¡Pura Vida!

I’m going to put this one in my Unidentified Moths Gallery, but you will see almost similar in my Unidentified Skippers Gallery and some identified Skipper Galleries. Or peruse all my Costa Rica Butterflies & Moths Gallery.

Butterflies & Moths Monteverde

I saw one really cool and new-to-me moth at Santa Elena Reserve, two butterflies at Selvatura Park and all the rest were at Monteverde Lodge & Gardens where they have a really nice small butterfly garden indoors. There is one dining table for up to 4 people that can be scheduled for a private Butterfly Dinner!   🙂   Kind of neat! And two of the moths I photographed on my little private room terrace/patio.

Selvatura claims to have the largest butterfly garden in Central America and the huge dome looks like it but this trip it was horrible with only two (2) species of butterflies. There is a Monteverde Butterfly Garden operated by a couple of nature lovers but I did not go this time. Three years ago it was great! There were a lot of butterflies, especially blue morpho, flying around in all four reserves, but difficult to photograph there.

Butterflies & Moths

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I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.      ~Zhuangzi

¡Pura Vida!

A Sphinx Moth?

One of the Sphinx Moths maybespecific variety not found
La Coope Supermercado Auto Repair Shop
Atenas, Costa Rica

During my first year or so here I was finding new butterflies or moths nearly every week but have not in months if not a year or longer recently. On the last two trips I saw several Banded Peacocks which are kind of common butterflies to me now and nothing else that would land. Both Arenal and Corcovado had several fast-flying butterflies that never landed or slowed down for a photo. That included several Blue Morphos at Corcovado. But this is my first photo in a good while and I cannot positively identify it. If you know, please leave a comment! Or email me. Cell phone shot.

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¡Pura Vida!

Brush that dead leaf off the counter!

That’s what I did and it just flew away when I touched it. Life in the rainforest is interesting!

“Dead Leaf” Moth or  Lonomia moth
Inside my house, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

When you leave your doors open during the day you can find some really interesting creatures around the house! Read about him on Wikipedia.  This one is called Taturana in Spanish. 

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New Unknown Moth

Unknown Moth
Inside My House, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica
NOTE how the different light seems to change his color.
All four shots are different colors in my eyes, especially with back-light.
And to tell the truth, the one above one is dead while the others are alive.
Some die in my house nearly every night this time of year.
Many butterflies/moths only live a few days naturally.
Unknown Moth
Inside My House, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica
Unknown Moth
Inside My House, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

Unknown Moth
Inside My House, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

I am calling it a moth because the antennae have no little ball on the end like butterflies. The other characteristic is a “furry” body which is hard to tell in these photos but looks like it could be, especially in the top photo. Plus I cannot find it in my new most complete butterfly book for Central America and none of the brown butterflies or moths online match it, so I call it “unknown moth” for now.

And by the way, my computer is working fine right now! Maybe it was the heat and humidity of the coast that caused it to keep turning off every few minutes. Who knows?! Computers! 
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Heliconius Butterfly or Moth?

As you know, some butterflies live only a few days or weeks. And some of those decide to come into my house before they die! I sweep out dead insects every morning! I’ve had more than one of this particular species inside and one I found dead today (1st two photos). I am pretty sure it is in the Heliconia family but can’t place it in one of the known 29 subspecies. It seems to be like a Postman but they are usually red rather than orange with the black and white and different body. It is also similar to the Heliconius Linnaeus and the Heliconius Ismenius, but not exactly! So I’m calling it an Unidentified Heliconius Butterfly or Moth.

Moth or Butterfly?
Moths have furry bodies like this guy but butterflies usually have brighter colors and club antennae like this.
But there are exceptions to all rules and I need an expert to help identify this one!
Back or bottom side of this butterfly/moth.
Bottom is almost always totally different than the top side.
They come in my always open doors, then
try to get out a closed window screen.
Not too smart.


My moving flower arrangements inside.  🙂

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Another New Butterfly!

And it is not in any of my books nor can I find it online for identification. Shot in living room.

How can anything this distinctive not be in any of the books?
For now, it remains an Unknown beauty!
On my Living Room window screen.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Whether butterfly or moth, this dude is cool looking!
I’m having this image printed to hang in my house here in Atenas, Costa Rica.

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And by the way, my “Birthday Breakfast” with Anthony at Kay’s Gringo Postres was great with a yummy omelet, biscuits and gravy, and a fabulous piece of Karo Pecan Pie just like Mother made! It is a place to get American food by a Texas couple. And the only place I know with real bacon!