Maquenque 2023 BIRDS Gallery!

I have finally finished sorting and processing all my bird photos from the April 9-14 trip to Maquenque Ecolodge on San Carlos River at Boca Tapada. You can see the 62 species of birds I photographed this trip including 6 Lifers! (That’s 6 birds seen for the first time in my life!)  Go to this address or just click the gallery image below and that link will take you there:

Maquenque 2023 BIRDS Gallery — CLICK image to open.

Note that only the birds gallery and one other is done in what will eventually be a larger “Trip Gallery” with other sub-galleries not completed yet. As usual, it was another “photo-rich” trip!  🙂

Because I found 2 more “lifers” since the earlier lifers post, I will include photos of all 6 lifers below. None are spectacular but they represent 6 more in my Costa Rica Birds GALLERY of 365 total species of birds photographed here so far!

¡Pura Vida!


2 Replies to “Maquenque 2023 BIRDS Gallery!”

  1. Congratulations, Charlie, on your new gallery and your exceptionally successful trip to Maquenque! Well done!

    1. Thanks Shannon! And every trip to Maquenque is successful! It is still my #1 source of bird photos. And I didn’t even stay in a tree house this time! 🙂

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