Beauty in Death

The Bronzed Face of Death

The leaf of a Heliconia Flower dies in my garden and I see . . .

Pointing up

Burnished Bronze

Green Leaf

In Death

Or the story in photos . . .

At first I see an Undulating Trumpet

Then a Graceful Shape and Texture

Gracefully from the green to bronze.

And Finally, The Face of Beauty!

What was once a Heliconia leaf

This green Heliconia leaf is what if looked liked before it’s new beauty in death.

I love my garden, even when something dies! 🙂

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And you might be interested to know that I love the feature photo so much that I’m placing it on the cover of my next book, not yet released at the time of this writing. I’m 2 weeks ahead on blog posts! 🙂 The book is titled “Designed by Nature – Visual Poems” and is a little portfolio of weird and unusual things in nature, like this leaf! From fungus to dead leaves and floating plants, a book you will enjoy! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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