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One of the fun things about some of my trips is getting to fly in a small plane. Though I almost had to hire a taxi to drive down today because yesterday I got an email from Sansa Airlines telling me my flight to Palmar Sur was canceled. But fortunately when I called Sansa they had one seat left on the 9 am to Quepos which is a little bit further from Uvita, but okay – an hour taxi drive which is better than 4 hours drive from Atenas. 🙂

I always keep my cellphone camera busy on these little short 30 minute flights. Here’s 5 of the many shots I made:

Over the mountains & valleys!

CLICK an image to see it larger . . .

More in another post tonight about my arrival at Hotel Cristal Ballena in the rain.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Beautiful photos! In the “Across Rio Savegre to Quepos” photo are those coffee farms? The trees in the flat areas appear to be intentionally planted in rows. Everything is so green!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! My favorite photo of that flight. And I can see how you would think maybe coffee, but almost all coffee is “Mountain Grown” or at least in the hills with cooler weather than this coastal, sea-level, hot, humid, rainforest. Those rows of plants are palm trees growing commercially for whatever “fruit” that particular type produces. Along this coast the majority are oil palms I think. On the Atlantic or Caribbean Coast it is mostly Banana Plantations. Companies cut down the rainforest and plant these to make money. Wildlife no longer lives there. Not good ecology but some say it is necessary.

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