Got My Vaccination QR Code!

I got it 2 days ago, on December 1. This is to prove that I have been fully vaccinated against Covid and tentatively starting January 8 will be required to enter all businesses and other public places just like the mask and handwashing. Vaccination Required in Costa Rica! They will have scanners at the entrance to scan the QR Code on my phone (or on a paper). Until then it is optional for businesses that want to be open at 100% capacity. Soon Costa Rica will be totally Covid-free! Everyone vaccinated! 🙂 Then all restaurants can use all their tables! 🙂

Biden tried in the States but the stupid Republicans stopped him and the vaccination requirement. Sure glad I live in Costa Rica now and not the States! We are very safe here and tourists are returning (if fully vaccinated) 🙂 and we are one of, if not the safest & healthiest country in the Americas! Pura Vida! The Red X and line through number is in case someone tries to copy my code! 🙂 Though an ID Card can be asked for which would make a copy not work anyway! 🙂 But I’m trying to be safe!

Also of interest to locals living in Atenas: There is a website for you to go to for this QR Code using your ID and numbers from your vaccination card, but as with most technology, it has not been working very well for a lot of people, thus Atenas City Hall set up a temporary office with a young computer whiz to get your QR Code for you! Easy as pie! I walked up to the temp office in the city hall auditorium, handed him my ID Card and my Vaccination Card and in 3 minutes I had a WhatsApp message with my QR Code on my phone and then he also gave me the printed sheet below, both of which will work to get me in places. Glad I didn’t wait until the last minute which is typical of a lot of Ticos. 🙂 On January 7 the computers will be jammed I suspect! 🙂

Fun Bit of Trivia

You will notice my “official” name on the form below which came from my ID Card that includes as a fourth name NOINDICAOTRO (does not indicate another). Well, when I first registered for my residency here I used my legal name from the States (3 names) which does not include my Mother’s maiden name as it would for a Costa Rican here, thus giving most everyone here 4 names. So some clerk gave me my fourth name of Noindicaotro (does not indicate another). 🙂 Just part of the fun of moving to another country when you are old and learning the language! 🙂 Love it!

This printed version I could carry with me for entrance, but code on phone is easier/quicker.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charley, you have NO idea how this hit home! COVID is again expanding rapidly in New Hampshire because ,of yes, STUPID people and stupid politics. About 1/3 to 1/2 wear masks in stores, no hand washing and low vaccination rates. I went into a gun store, yesterday ( yes I admit I have always had guns since a youth for recreation —not —-hunting) to sell ALL of my guns. I felt like an alien wearing a mask. We move to Atenas on January 1. We are anxious to get out of here. We are practically prisoners in our own home. Just let my belief and need that Costa Rican’s are smarter be true! – Steve & lucy

      1. And oh yes, be ready to wear a mask at all times in public here, plus required to wash your hands at the entrance to all businesses and soon be required to show proof of vaccination everywhere. You will be considered a tourist at first and they are going to have a way for you to get a QR Code with your U.S. Vaccination Card – I just don’t know how yet.

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