WALKING PATHS of My Adult Life

Had I not married, hiking would have been my avocation or how I spent all my time when not working to pay the bills. 🙂 But that’s not the way my life worked out. So I squeezed in as much as I could, though mostly before marriage and after the divorce with some during marriage, and the memories of all those times among nature are some of the greatest treasures I have. Most of my photography on backpacking trips and day hikes were of the scenery and nature, but I have a few of me on the hiking trails I will show below on the post-email section of the blog, plus even more of hiking groups I either led (most of them) or participated in group hikes. These will be galleries and you can click an image to see its larger full-frame pix and/or a manual slideshow if you wish.

For the 10 years I lived in downtown Nashville I walked nearly every day in Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

The feature photo at top is of my Vasque Hiking Shoes, the best hiking shoes I ever had!

Photos of Me Hiking

I did not have a cell phone for selfies back when I did most of my hiking, thus I only have photos of me that someone else took. Most of my later hikes were solo and thus only scenery & nature photography! 🙂 You will have to see that scenery in my photo travel galleries. These are all before moving to Costa Rica, even the one made in Costa Rica. 🙂

Group Hiking Photos

Many of these photos I made, but not all, and a couple that include me in the pix I’m also showing in the earlier gallery of “me shots.” The majority are hikes that I led with many different groups like Boy Scouts, church groups, Nashville Photography Club, and one shot is a hike with the Tennessee Trails hiking club that I was not the leader of. Of course my many solo hikes have no group shots! 🙂

“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”

~Dr. Seuss

¡Pura Vida!

More walking links on my Hiking & Camping Page.

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