Wow! There was a lot and of course I have no way of knowing what was government sanctioned, but after this one shot for the email notice, READ MORE for a slide show of 11 Street Art images from Cuba, most in Havana . . .

Street Art in Cuba

DISCLAIMER: “Street Art” for this series is paintings and tile work along streets, usually on buildings, that may or may not have been commissioned or done “illegally” without permission. I have no way of knowing. I purposefully did not include public statues, fountains, etc. obviously sanctioned by the government.

For more images from my Cuba tour, see gallery:

2013 February – Cuba


And/or check out my wonderful little photo book on this Cuba visit . . .

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“Cuba is such a beautiful country, and everywhere you go, there’s music and people dancing.”

~Julia Sawalha

NOTE: I am aware that a lot has been happening recently in Cuba politically and that certainly not everyone there appreciates the Communist government, but I am here presenting art and a picture of the Cuba I saw on my visit. Everyone I related to was happy and friendly and very helpful to this “rich stranger.” Poverty was obvious in places as was the overall poor economy caused more by the U.S. embargo than by the Cuban government. I loved the people and the places I experienced there with a different kind of simple beauty and joy. I personally think the United States is wrong with its embargo and its refusal to establish diplomatic relationships with Cuba. Neighbors should work together regardless of the differences. I hope that will change soon.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charlie this has been a wonderful series you have done on street art! I’ve really enjoyed each post and I’m sure your other followers have as well.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! It has actually been fun for me even though I haven’t tried very hard to collect “street art” photos. Still two more to go before I start a new series on birds. So keep reading! 🙂

      This “series” approach is one way to appease my desire “to create” without traveling or even having much energy for local photography. We’ll see how long this lasts and how it works out. 🙂

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