Tired and Tasteless

Well, that second adjective is probably not used correctly, but I like alliterations! 🙂

By the end of the third week of radiation I am more tired than ever. And none of my food has a taste or very much of one. Over the weekend a neighbor brought me a spicy soup that had more flavor than most things now. And this is perfectly normal as radiation progresses. But they say in 5 or 6 weeks after completing treatments I will regain my taste. And I’m also sleeping later and later every morning with even nap in the day.

The photo was made by the technicians (their photo coming tomorrow) of me right after I completed the treatment Friday and put my shirt back on but no mask or eye patch! Just the one-sided smile! 🙂

Me in front of the big radiation machine by my treatment mask & table.

And you may have missed the post with me getting the treatment.

¡Pura Vida!

10 Replies to “Tired and Tasteless”

  1. Your radiation machine looks like a prop from Star Wars.

    Thank you for providing all the details of your treatment and recovery. Your posts have been very interesting.

  2. Charlie, A one-sided smile is a good thing! At least it is a smile! Hopefully your treatments will soon be over and your body will adjust to its new normal.
    Have been wondering how you were. Haven’t seen recent posts. Good to “see” you! Praying for continued improvement.

  3. Did you find it slightly disturbing when that huge machine started moving toward you during the first treatment? I did! But you become acclimated.

    1. Funny, but I haven’t even seen it coming towards me. I’m facing the other direction and I close my eyes which are already covered by the mask, so I don’t really see anything except a bright light during each 30 second scan and it makes a little bit different noise then. It’s aimed at the left side of my head!

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