Not a Mummy – Me in a “Mask”

I promised somebody I would show what my daily process of a few minutes looks like, as pitiful as I look shirtless. One of the young technicians made these three (requested) shots of me screwed to the table for the radiation treatment. I show up each morning by 11:45 and I’m walking back to the hotel by 12 noon usually. Quick and mostly painless (though the mask is really tight on my face). It appears more scientific than human, but believe me, the staff are all so friendly and nice and do their various jobs very proficiently. And they all shift to English when I walk in, though not their native language. Amazing! And I use my elementary Spanish with them as I am able, though not necessary here like at the public clinics and hospitals.

One outside person told me that this clinic is equal to Mayo Clinic in the states for Radiotherapy. I feel like I’m in very good hands. My radio doctor will conference with me every Tuesday until finished and work with me on any side effects, etc. And a nurse is always there plus other doctors always in the building. A very professional place that in fact does remind me a little of being in the Mayo Clinic with my brother Jerry, just not as big! 🙂

Notice the Screws holding me down with the mask.
Feels like being a mummy! 🙂
Everything must be perfectly lined up for radiation in the right places.

Are we having fun yet? Sure!

3 Days Down and 30 More to Go!


¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Thanks Mildred – prayer has always made a difference in my life. And yes, Costa Rica has first class health care! Some of the best in the world I believe.

  1. Thanks for showing this to us Charlie. It looks a little claustrophobic to me but at least you are only there for a very short time. I am grateful for your excellent medical care. These days are going to count down quickly for you I think. I’m with you in spirit and you remain in my prayers!

    1. Bonnie, I realize that some people would say or think “TMI” (too much information) but I prefer to be open about it all and share all, so I have and will continue to do so. And yes, it is claustrophobic, but the short time makes it very bearable. And yes I am very pleased with most of the medical services here! Thanks for your prayers! They’ve made a difference before and will this time too.

    1. Charlotte, you are so kind and I really appreciate you keeping up with me after all these years! 🙂 I will never ever forget you driving me home after Juli’s death and all the many other ways you helped me with Juli and then afterwards. Every memory of you is precious!

      This “tell all” way of keeping people informed of my cancer treatment may be too much for some, but it is just me and it is part of my healing process as this 80 year old physically decreases in the world. 🙂 Stay positive Charlotte! I appreciate you!

  2. You are a fighter! Amazing “mask.” I bet it did take some doing to get it molded to you. Do they play music for you during treatment? My oncology radiology clinic played Pandora over the speakers. Got in about two songs each go. Ha!

    1. Actually it is quiet except for the hum of the machine and then I sense a bright light during each of the about 30 second treatments. My technicians are very professional and they tell me exactly what they are doing and when the treatment starts.

  3. I imagine it was a bit different for you to look at these photos…this time from the other side of the mask. Glad you don’t have to spend a great deal of time under the mask. Sounds like your medical care is tip top which is terrific and your place to stay during the week looks pretty good, too. So good not to have to commute back and forth each day. Thinking of you.

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