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You who live in Costa Rica or visit here often may not have noticed, but the Arenal Observatory Lodge (the undisputed #1 for nature in the La Fortuna/Arenal area) has recently changed their name to Arenal Observatory Lodge and Trails, sometimes using the ampersand & or spelling out the “and.”

And I, for one, like the name change because it better describes what you come here for; whether looking for birds, butterflies, monkeys or frogs; there are trails that take you from the “Nest” birding tower to the Frog Pond or through the cultivated gardens on through the rainforest to the waterfalls or the continuing farm still on the property and of course the “Los Monos (Monkeys) Trail. And the map is, like much of my language here in Costa Rica, in “Spanglish!” 🙂 For example, the just mentioned “Los Monos Trail” uses the Spanish word for monkeys but the English word for trails, while “River Trail” is all English, as is most of the map, so you Americans don’t have to worry, you can read it and all of the signs! 🙂 Here’s my cell phone photo of the big map first, of the whole reserve, and then of the reverse side, an enlarged map of just the areas close to the rooms and most cabins, where most people do their most walking. If you come here, you must explore the trails! 🙂

All the Reserve Trails on one side of Map . . .

All the trails at Arenal Observatory Lodge

See the enlarged map of close trails on the reverse side, plus a gallery of actual trail shots by continuing online . . .

Map of Trails Close to the Rooms & Cabins . . .

The most used trails close to the rooms and restaurant area.

Read more on the lodge website: Arenal Observatory Lodge and Trails.

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Your welcome Steve! A few nights here will do you good! 🙂 Plus I have other favorites that are “wilder” than the Observatory, if you want to talk about them sometime.

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