Though that sounds like me over the last few days and in the coming days, it is actually the name of a butterfly, Whirlabout, Polites vibex, and here are two photos of one recently in my garden.

Whirlabout, Atenas, Costa Rica
Whirlabout, Atenas, Costa Rica.

And what have I been so busy about? Well, several things . . .

  1. I recently had an ultrasound of my neck where they found a small spot on my thyroid, but too small to do a biopsy yet. Then I talked with my Geriatric Doctor (who is 50% in Private Medicine and 50% in Public Medicine at the Govt. Geriatric Hospital). I explained that I’m running out of savings and really cannot afford another cancer surgery with the very good private oncologist and need to get into the public system. Tuesday I’m going to that Geriatric Hospital (with Dr. Coto’s referral) to make an appointment for an evaluation. In the government hospitals you have to go there to make an appointment – different I know!  🙂  I will give updates in the future and this “free” medical care is sometimes slower but definitely affordable!  🙂  And even the private oncologist said I have plenty of time.
  2. The ladies who organized the JIT, Just In Time for Christmas Art Show are now planning to open an art gallery in Atenas and I plan to be a part of it. We had a meeting last week and looked at the business space downtown at 2nd & 2nd which is large and will work well I think. We meet again this week and they are looking for a June 15 opening.
  3. I’ve been hustling to get my “Nature as Art” photography ready for the opening and have ordered 11 wall art prints, greeting card supplies and products from my CafePress shop which I have expanded. I already have enough photo books. So I’m super busy getting ready for this project! And though commercial art galleries are always a struggle everywhere, there are enough people involved in this one that I think it has a good chance of success! And my work included, since I was one of the most successful at the Christmas Art Show!  🙂
  4. Plus I’ve been talking with my gardener about a possible pathway project in my garden. I stay pretty busy for an old man nearly 83!  🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Thanks Larry! And I do know the power of prayer! People like you contribute so much to my well-being and joy of living “Retired in Costa Rica!” 🙂

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