Correction & Addition to Lifer Post

Well, I shared last night’s post with yesterday morning’s guide, Antonio, and the one I called “Yellow-bellied Seedeater” is actually a “Morelet’s Seedeater” (similar, but the other is on the Pacific Slope and we are on the Atlantic Slope or called Caribbean Slope here.

PLUS I shared with Antonio an unidentified bird photo from yesterday and he identified it as an “Olive-crowned Yellowthroat” which is another new bird species for me, thus now 4 Lifers for yesterday’s morning bird walk!   🙂   That is really good for someone with more than 360 species in Costa Rica already recorded!   🙂

Olive-crowned Yellowthroat, Maquenque Ecolodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

And the correct identification of this one . . .

Morelet’s Seedeater, Maquenque Ecolodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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