Kahili Ginger Lily

I asked my gardener to plant some different species of Heliconia in my Heliconia flower bed that then had only three species of the dozens available here. Four weeks ago he planted 4 different plants, not indicating what any of them were. This first one was the most different-looking for a Heliconia (which I just learned it’s not!) but I was still pleased to see that it is the first of the four new plants to bloom! I’m writing this ahead on Sunday with 3 photos, each a day apart (Fri-Sat-Sun), and if it changes as much as I expect by Tuesday (the 5th day) I will add another photo of a much fuller bloom for this post scheduled for Wednesday morning the 21st. 🙂

After searching heliconia species online and not finding this, I tried other searches and finally discovered that it is “Hedychium gardnerianum, the Kahili ginger, Yellow ginger lily, Kahila garland-lily, wild ginger or ginger lily. It is in the ginger family of flowers (Zingiberaceae), native to India, which makes it fine for our tropical climate here, and I’m already pleased with this new flower, even if not a heliconia! 🙂

For the emailed post announcement, I have only “Day 1” photo, the green plant with a green bud here (last Friday). You will have to click the “Read More” link to see the progressive versions of this beautiful flower! 🙂

DAY 1: The dark green, spiky plant – different from Heliconias! The green bud is at top center.
DAY 2: The green bud is beginning to add orange color!
DAY 3: Beginning to really flower! Tiny petals with extra long pistils.
DAY 5: With more still to open at the top, the bottom layer is drooping in our now hot sun. So I now think that Day 3 is the most attractive thus far, but I still want to see it with all layers budded out in full-flower!

¡Pura Vida!

Tomorrow, 22 diciembre, I travel to Arenal Observatory Lodge (link to lodge website) for Christmas week at the base of a volcano and expect to have the usual wide variety of nature photos to share from one of my favorite wilderness lodges, with blog postings coming at night for each of the 6 nights there, basically reporting on that day’s activities. My favorite kind of week here! 🙂

Happy holidays to all my faithful blog readers!

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  1. Your Kahili Ginger Lily is a beautiful flower! Enjoy your Christmas week at Arenal Observatory Lodge! We will all be thinking of you over the holidays. Merry Christmas Charlie!

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