Last of Xandari Butterflies . . .

. . . and I think one of these 9 is actually a moth, but I can’t find an ID. The immense variety of butterflies and moths here in Costa Rica can be overwhelming at times but is also one of the joys of being here! 🙂 It depends on which website or book you read, but with more species still being discovered here, some say there are now 1,500+ known species of butterflies and over 12,000 species of moths (not all identified), so it is not surprising that I can’t find an ID for everyone I photograph. 🙂

And as is my practice, one photo here for the emailed announcement of this post, followed by a gallery of all 9 final butterflies (maybe 2 are moths) from my visit to Xandari Costa Rica last week. I may still share some other photos from that very unique hotel in Alajuela and then back to nature shots around where I live for the next two weeks before my Caribbean trip the 19th of September. Pura vida!

Blue-vented Mimic-White

CLICK image to see full-width and larger . . .

¡Pura Vida!

My Xandari 2022 Trip Butterflies Gallery is now up with multiple shot of all 29 species! Other photos from that trip will be added later.

And of course there is my Costa Rica Butterfly Gallery with many more photos like these! ? And soon these photos will be there too! And on also, where can share your photos too! Helping with volunteer scientific research!

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