Technology Meltdown & More Maquenque

Groove-billed Ani Family – I think Mom at right with 7 noisy kids! 🙂 Unless the one on left is also a parent.

A New Computer is Like . . . “Back to Square One!”

WHY I HAVEN’T BEEN BLOGGING: I had to get a new laptop computer which comes with the new Microsoft Windows 11 they claim is better (Not!) but for an old man, just figuring out how to use it is a big challenge, plus no software and the tech guy is not allowed to transfer software, only files! And the keyboard is partly different! Augh!

Just getting the software was a multiple days chore and Microsoft forced me to buy a new version of Office. Not worth it! I’m nearly back online and functioning on my new Dell Inspiron Laptop. I like the laptop (very lightweight), but technology will be the death of me yet! And there are things I still haven’t figured out how to do!

Plus I’m behind on processing my photos from Maquenque Ecolodge, but I did finish the biggest bulk which is of birds and have an online gallery of bird photos from this trip, so read on for some amazing bird photos . . .

Yellow-bellied Elaenia – sopping wet after a rain!

Maquenque Birds

So here is a link to my 2022 Maquenque Trip Birds gallery and for those really into it, I’m including links to my two previous visits there when I photograph many more birds and note that there is a sub-gallery for each bird, so click on it for more photos of that bird : -)

And later I will have up my other photos in this trip gallery 2022-February 14-19 – Maquenque Ecolodge & Reserve, Boca Tapada, Alajuela, but thanks to my “technology funk,” I am behind on that activity! But hopefully I will soon be comfortable with my new computer and some changed ways of doing things! I’m just slow adapting to change! 🙂

Tropical Kingbird & Berries for Breakfast!

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Having new computer issues here too. It would be nice if they would stop “improving” computers when they are already just fine.

    1. Yes! And often it is a lot of little things that are not clear how to do now. One little example is that on my old computer I had a toggle switch to move between English and Spanish regardless of what software I’m in. I found how to do that in Gmail only now and that requires changing the settings which is not as easy as a toggle switch on my task bar. Oh well. I’ll keep looking and may go back and ask Unitech. 🙂

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