Farm Visit Today

I was going to avoid all tours but decided the two I did today would not be that popular and not so many people and that was true! My early morning pre-breakfast bird hike was just me and a masked young couple from Europe, he from France and she from Germany plus our local guide Jose. (more on it later) Then at 9 Jose also led the farm tour with just me and a nice lady from Germany and her daughter 11 or 12ish. They were of course masked and her Dad was not interested in the tour. 🙂

A weird-looking Katydid on the farm!

Below is a slide show from the farm tour today with pix not in chronological order . . .

For what it is worth, the lodge is not full but has a reasonable amount of business during a world-wide pandemic! And most of the guests here are from Europe, Germany the most, then France, England and others. I haven’t met anyone from the States or Canada, but these nature lodges usually have lots of Canadians and some Americans. The owners have relatives in Germany which may account for some of the many Germans this week! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. You know, Charlie, every time you make a political post, particularly one that is antagonistic and insulting, you alienate the half of the expat community who do not share your political ideology.

    So, why do that?

    1. You are absolutely correct Howard & Gordona and I keep telling myself to avoid politics, but I feel so strongly about it sometimes that it just slips out. But I agree and will try harder to stay out of politics on this blog! THANKS FRIENDS! And I just went back and edited out my political statement!

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