Tiny Park Update – BIG A

The slow renovation of the Atenas Central Park is at least in progress again. Yesterday I noticed this BIG “A” perched on the concrete wall they just completed. I’m guessing that they will spell ATENAS across the top of that wall with big letters like parks in both Alajuela and Heredia have with their town names spelled in parks. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

My photo gallery of Atenas Central Park Renovation

5 Replies to “Tiny Park Update – BIG A”

    1. Yes Arturo, and it is very slow in Atenas! 🙂 Except we had a traffic jam on Ruta 3 tonight which was probably overflow traffic from Ruta 27 which happens some, especially on weekends.

  1. So different from the park we remember. I hope they will plant lots of greenery , like in Grecia. I guess a fountain is not in the plan but I wish it were. See you soon.

    1. Steve, in the architect’s drawings of 4 years ago there was neither a fountain nor as much “gardens” as some CR Central Parks have, so I guess we will have to wait (months? years?) to see what they do about landscaping. The two parts completed are all concrete done by the city workers.

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