I’M HERE! — In the Rainforest!

I got here in time to dump my stuff in my cabin before a delicious lunch that I was able to eat all of! Yay! 🙂 It’s overcast with some scattered showers but I explored the trails a little and scheduled 4 activities this week with the rest of time exploring on my own! And the 4? Well, boring old-man activities compared to some available here: Morning & Afternoon Birding hikes in 2 totally different locations, a sunset/night hike looking for night creatures, and a morning Primary Rainforest 3-hour conservation hike. The rest of the week is photographing a lot, resting, and finally eating real food for a week! My radiation taste is not totally gone, but greatly improved and I’m eating just about everything now! 🙂

My thatched-roof open-air hut with a cool breeze off the Pacific now! 🙂
The Pacific Ocean View from my room porch on an overcast day.

I’ve seen a Crested Caracara (on the road here), and here: lots of Scarlet Macaws, lots of little birds not identified and a family of Spider Monkeys, all by my thatched roof cabin. And I’m looking forward to happy hour snacks before a great dinner. There are about 25 tourists in this lodge (from all over the world including children), which is not bad with Covid still raging around the globe! And it is a 45 minute drive (fording streams) from the primitive landing strip in Puerto Jiménez to the lodge or if you must, an 8-hour+ drive from the San Jose Airport. 

On the Road to Bosque Del Cabo.

Bosque del Cabo Website

And finally . . .

My Rainforest “Internet Cafe” for the Week!

The “Boa Bar” at Bosque Del Cabo Rainforest Lodge . . .

Your nightly report from the rainforest will be uploaded each afternoon from the above poolside location! And oh yes, the internet connection is great (at least today!).


¡Pura Vida!

10 Replies to “I’M HERE! — In the Rainforest!”

  1. I hope you have an absolutely amazing time Charlie! You’ve had a very rough several months and you deserve the best! Hugs.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous location. Looks like your dermatologist knew what he was talking about. And you can eat! So happy for you.

    I would probably be tempted just to sit on that porch and look out over the ocean. Hope you have a wonderful week and are able to add many more birds to your list. A well deserved vacation, Charlie, after all you have gone through these many months. Enjoy!!

  3. I am so happy and excited for you Charlie! How wonderful that you were able to eat and enjoy it. Maybe your happiness at being there will increase your appetite as well as your enjoyment of their wonderful meals.

    I love your hut and the whole area is just beautiful! Enjoy every minute of your time there!

  4. After what all you have been through, you deserve this. Have a great time. I read your blog every day and have prayed for you through all of this.

    Be blessed!

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