Butterfly & Holiday/Health Report

Like me recovering from cancer and the just-as-bad cancer treatment, this pitiful-looking damaged butterfly is still flying and eating! 🙂 He is a Ilus swallowtail or Dual-spotted swallowtail, Mimoides ilus (Wikipedia link) and note that it is very similar to another butterfly that I originally labeled this as, the Emerald-patched Cattleheart. The main difference is the Cattleheart has emerald or light-green spots on the upper wings instead of white as this Swallowtail has. (And by the way, Cattlehearts are in the Swallowtail family!) See my Dual-spotted Swallowtail Gallery or all of my CR Butterflies. Note that in the additional photos below this feature image there is one of a non-damaged Dual-spotted that got in my house on the window screen before I opened it and let him fly out.

Damaged Dual-spotted Swallowtail, Atenas, Costa Rica

And some more shots including of one not damaged (+ health update) . . .

¡Pura Vida!

Yes! It’s the 4th of July! My Birthday! And I ate a real meal!

And though my trip later this month to the Osa Peninsula was first planned especially for my birthday this week, I moved it to the last week of July, hoping I can eat everything by then! 🙂

So, today I will relax at home, watching butterflies 🙂 or doing something with nature! I was also getting brave and decided I would try to eat out for the first time since finishing radiation, today as a birthday treat. But being impatient as I am, I went out last night to Androvetto and ate half their big grilled chicken breast. (Not ready to tackle a steak, hamburger or pizza yet!) I tried a hamburger once during radiation treatment at the Denny’s in San Jose and couldn’t swallow the bread or the hamburger meat which tasted awful! So a bad memory there. But last night I realized I have made some progress in both taste and swallowing, eating grilled chicken breast, grilled new potatoes and a salad without tomato. (Tomatoes feel and taste terrible in my mouth.) So I can report that I ate my first meal out in a restaurant since radiation! 🙂

And happy Fourth of July to all you Americans smart enough to get Vaccinated! 🙂

For me it is . . .

¡Feliz Pura Vida en Costa Rica!


14 Replies to “Butterfly & Holiday/Health Report”

  1. “ may the fourth be with you”. And thankyou for the bit of news that Androvetto still survives. Steve & lucy

  2. Happy Birthday Big Brother! I’m happy to hear you were able to eat a meal out to celebrate. Every step forward is a blessing. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks Bonnie and I did enjoy it! And looking forward to continue improvements little by little, even though I still have the taste problem, one step at a time! 🙂

    1. Yes Nancy . . . but it’s taking too much time for this impatient old man! 🙂 But I know that “This too shall pass!” 🙂 Just hoping I’m good for eating on my July 22 trip. 🙂 You’ll read about it first on this blog!

  3. Hi, Charlie. Wishing you continued recovery as well as a belated birthday. At the Nashville zoo over the weekend and saw the brick you donated around the veterinary. So cool.
    The animals were more active in our cooler weather – know you see beauty all around you every day.

    1. Sharon, Nice to hear from you! And thanks for all the good wishes! I’m doing OK or as good as expected for someone who had 7 weeks of radiation on my head and face. Lost only one splotch of hair behind my left ear and still sunburn pink over my face with the lack of taste and ability to eat well my biggest disappointment, but it is getting a little tiny bit better by the day and I am eating more. Hoping I can eat everything by the 22nd for my Rainforest Adventure at Bosque del Cabo. http://www.bosquedelcabo.com/

      And yes, I absolutely love it here! Even with cancer! 🙂

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