Pre-Rain Walk

It was cloudy before the rain (better for my radiation-damaged skin) but I could see, hear and smell the rain coming. Soon after I was back from my “Country Lane” Walk, our afternoon shower started which has become regular now, meaning that the rainy season has really started, after severa false-starts. 🙂 The above feature photo is from my terrace with rain in the hills behind Atenas Centro and soon it came all over. I never tire of trying to make a photo of those hills which are never the same. This one is a 4-shot panorama.

One of my favorite shots from the walk . . .

Cacti along the entry wall of Hotel Colinas Del Sol.

And four more shots from the walk + . . .

And was I ever surprised to see this modern house going up along my “Country Lane” where the two large farm houses that farmed all this land are Spanish Colonial with red tile roofs (my preference) and the other small houses along this road are the uninteresting buildings of the last 20 years here – nothing this modern! One or more of the local architects & builders here in Atenas are putting up similar concrete slab buildings with lots of glass and industrial metal fixtures inside (kind of like my Row8.9n Rowhouse in Nashville inside, though we had bricks outside). It could be custom built for a client, built to sell, or more likely being built to rent. This is the new, young Costa Rica! 🙂

If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.


¡Pura Vida!

Nearest Hotel to Me (2 blocks)

And by the way, the cacti and berries were photographed at the entrance to Hotel Colinas del Sol, just a half block from Roca Verde Entrance and 2 blocks from my house. I don’t remember talking about it on the blog yet. It’s very nice and comfortable cabins. So if you consider visiting me here, I highly recommend this convenient local hotel with the largest swimming pool in Atenas, moderately priced, and a gourmet restaurant (not my favorite though). Certainly better than my cooking and couch-bed! 🙂

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