Green Field

I’m back home for awhile and one of the first contrasts with the big city was the green field across from my house, seen here at ground level . . .

Grazing place for cows, hiding place for Fer-de-lance and a peaceful place for me!

And online I found a poem that expresses some feeling of my front yard “green field,” though I would never lay down in this one with the cow patties and snakes! 🙂

Green Fields

I want to run away
from this place
I want to get lost in a forest
Find a green field
And throw myself on the ground
Like a little child
Feeling the grass on my body
The smell of the earth
The beauty of the sky
The music of the birds
The sounds of nature all around me

I let the wind guide my body
As I dance through the rhythm
Of that sound
Me and nature become one.
Finally I found the place I belong.

by Alexandra Jozelia, Jun 28, 2012

¡Pura Vida!


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    1. Thank you Bonnie! And yes it is wonderful. I love living here! Hope you are doing well after all your tests. Relax and enjoy life! Love ya!

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