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A Hiker Guide

One of my blog readers, Patrick, who is thinking about beginning his retirement in Costa Rica (like I should have!) shared with me the just-released new hiking guide available on hiking coast to coast across Costa Rica. It’s first on his agenda here! Are you interested in such a hike?

Available on Amazon as paperback or Kindle edition: El Camino de Costa Rica Hiker Guide

There’s also a newer video of the trail than the one I showed earlier plus more new info on the website and I found a good “Make the Leap” story I’m also linking! 🙂 . . .

The Newest Video

Trail Website

El Camino de Costa Rica website has choice of Spanish or English in upper right-hand corner of home screen. If you are interested in hiking, explore all the pages from the main menu at top of home page and especially The Trail page which includes a chart below the map of the altitudes you will be hiking over. Some don’t realize that this is more in the mountains than on flatland and foreigners are surprised that we have as many mountains as beaches! :-).

Hike Costa Rica Coast to Coast!

And a few shots in my gallery on my one-day hike in the mountains.

A Good “Make the Leap” Story for those considering such adventure

Whether you’re thinking of hiking El Camino or moving to Costa Rica, yesterday’s Washington Post had a great little story about a girl who hiked across the nation 40 years ago with a group of strangers and why she’s so glad she “made the leap!”

It is a lot how I feel about my “radical” decision to “Retire in Costa Rica” after 12 years of retirement in the states that just kept getting more complicated, I too am glad I “Made the Leap!” 6 years of adventures and growing! 🙂 See my photos! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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