Journey to “Bitter River Waterfall”

Yes, that is one English translation of today’s Spanish named waterfall, Catarata Rio Agrio. With agrio meaning bitter, tart or sour which is how the water tastes because of minerals.

A Virtual Hike with Daniel and Me through a prehistoric canyon . . .

Cañón del Río Agrio

The feature photo at the top is Daniel, my guide from El Silencio Lodge who was also one of my guides last September here, one of the many young people who make traveling in Cosa Rica a real joy!

. . . around the last bend of the river we come upon this . . .

Catarata Rio Agrio or Bitter River Waterfall

Minerals make the water taste bitter, tart or sour.

Catarata Rio Agrio plunge pool — the mist gets you wet at 15 to 20 meters away!

Like many waterfalls in CR, this is on private property

It is one of many beautiful waterfalls surrounding El Silencio Lodge, more than anywhere else I go.

In deference to the “Prehistoric Look” . . .

On the flat trail before entering the canyon, there are statues of 3 different species of dinosaurs! 🙂

With still very few tourists traveling here from other countries, most businesses like this are barely making it with local or Costa Rican visitors who like being able to see their own country without so many foreigners around. On a Tuesday morning there were probably about 20 Tico visitors at the Falls and me, the only “foreigner” and I’m almost Tico now! 🙂 And it is the same at the lodge with maybe one couple there from probably Europe somewhere. And then today I experienced again the . . .

“Its a Small World” Serendipity . . .

. . . when the young man who checked us in at the waterfall entrance said “Hi Charlie! Welcome!” Then he said, “You probably don’t remember me, but I was your guide at Selva Verde Lodge, but with tourism down they don’t need me now so I’m working here, closer to my home.” Another Covid-effect! It was good to see Ronald again anyway. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Journey to “Bitter River Waterfall””

  1. I’m going to have to see this place. Is it hard to find?
    We just got back from Osa, taking the Sirena trail in Corcovado. More wildlife than I’ve seen anywhere else. And not afraid…

  2. Deborah, I think most if not all of the waterfalls around Bajos del Toro are on private property and thus commercial and well advertised. All GPS’s include them and most lodges will arrange trips with guides. El Silencio Lodge is by far the best in this area (yes, most expensive but worth it) and El Silencio has 3 waterfalls on their property that equal all the outside commercial ones. Outside the lodge Del Toro Waterfall is tallest and in my opinion Las Gemelas the most beautiful (requires stream wading) and Rio Agrio is really nice and no wading! I was going to Hidden Falls today but it requires 4 slippery stream wading’s and I have a bum knee now, so decided to postpone for a future trip. 🙂

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