To Be in a Forest

To be in a forest may be my favorite activity in Costa Rica, like looking out over the forest below at Arenal Volcano National Park . . .

Arenal Forest from the Observation Tower, Arenal Observatory Lodge, Costa Rica.

Or seeing the inter-connectedness of everything in the forest like Jane Goodall says in this minute and a half YouTube Video:

Or to know that I’ve helped save an endangered globe by Planting One Tree! Check out that link for how you can plant a tree in parts of the world needing them most, OR go plant one in your own backyard or nearby park! 🙂


¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “To Be in a Forest”

  1. Charlie,

    Did you know that we have a bit of forest here in Palmares? It is called Madre Verde. It is a bit of a steep walk up to it. You are allowed two hours in the park and there is usually no-one else there. There are some howler monkeys though I have only seen them once. There is a colony of Montezuma Oropendolas, lots of epiphytes and butterflies. We try to go every week.

    1. Thanks Margaret!
      Someday maybe I will get to visit your community forest, which every community certainly needs! We have a similar one in Atenas called The Atenas Municipal Forest (Bosque Municipal Ateniense) with beautiful old large trees, monkeys, birds and other wildlife and where I have heard more Long-tailed Manakins than anywhere else, though still difficult to photograph. 🙂
      To be in a forest is to be close to God!

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