Central Park Bandshell Update

It continues to slowly progress even if not fast enough for impatient Americans!  🙂  The center circle (reddish steel) will be the actual stage and the big black circle is the covered part including audience covered seating. They have stopped work again this week so the city can have its annual Climate Fair and Oxcart Parade. They are using all of the space including a temporary round stage in the center. I’m not feeling great this week and opted to miss the festivities, so I will have no photos of the temporary use. Here’s also a photo of the safety signs for the workers on the site. Interesting.   🙂

Sorry its at an angle but I was shooting through a fence.


I had a “bad cold” or actually allergies due to the wind still blowing dust. Got that licked with some good medicine and good advice (close windows when wind blows) from my doctor’s young intern whom I really liked. Then I got up the wrong way from sitting and “popped” my lower back and now dealing with lower back pain. Saw my physical therapist who recommends stretching exercises of course!  🙂  So I kind of dropped the blog for a week or so with lower energy than usual. Next trip is 2 weeks away. Resting now!   🙂

I’m also working on my “Pre-Costa Rica Travel” photo galleries and just completed the gallery for my 2012 Tour of the Grand Canyon and Nearby Canyons. A good photo trip!

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Central Park Bandshell Update”

  1. Thankyou for the update on the park. We were “spoiled” when we saw the Grecia central park last January. So glad Atenas is upgrading the park. I am sure it will be wonderful when we return. Sorry you Have not been well lately. We did miss your blogs. At least you did not see snow in the air like I just did here in New Hampshire an hour ago. Our flights are booked! Ready to go back!

  2. Hello Charlie,
    The NFL Draft is/was in Nashville. There are several thousand extra people downtown this weekend. Weather is pleasant and the flowers are blooming.

    1. Nancy,
      Yes, Spring in Nashville is beautiful and if there was anything I might miss from there it would be the bursting forth of green and colors in Spring and hikes in the surrounding forests and parks, but then I have Spring here year-around and love it! Though downtown Nashville is exciting, I don’t particularly miss all of that, preferring the tranquil life I live in a small town with regular trips to the forests. There could not be a better retirement place for me. ¡Pura vida! 🙂

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