Eye-candy Leaves

At least for me!
A Cecropia or Guarumo leaf with its exquisite shape, color and lighting in this case. Captivating to me.
Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort, San Ramon, Costa Rica

A dying banana or other tropical plant leaf
with its vibrancy of change in color, contrast and life/death
Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort, San Ramon, Costa Rica
On the Sidewalk
Atenas, Costa Rica

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¡Pura Vida!

Leaves As Art

Many Dead Leaves
were on the path walking through Cahuita National Park
and I decided they were beautiful, even “underfoot.”
Cahuita National Park, Caribe, Costa Rica

I forgot to share another category of photos made on this week’s trip. And I know, I pick strange things to photograph sometimes, but I think you might like this little sub-gallery in my trip gallery: 

A Photo Gallery
And yes, they were underfoot on the trail through the Cahuita Park. Since I wasn’t seeing many birds, I started noticing the different kinds of fallen leaves and even one flower which I have since learned is called a “Beach Hibiscus.” So that flower and this collection of leaves are a part of my memories of Cahuita National Park on the Caribbean Sea in Costa Rica! 
Beach HibiscusCahuita National Park, Caribe, Costa Rica

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Simply enjoying life and 
the great pleasures that come with it. 
~Karolina Kurkova
¡Pura Vida!