Introducing A New Bird Book!

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To celebrate what will be 10 years of living in Costa Rica come December, I decided to publish a coffee table book of my favorite bird photos that turned out to be a lot! 174 photos! Each includes both the English and Spanish common names of that bird plus the location where I photographed it. Whether a birder or a lover of “Nature As Art,” I think you will like this 86 page photo book printed on premium matte paper. It might even become a collector’s item some day! 🙂 It will definitely become the book that I gift to the birding lodges I visit over the next year or two! 🙂

You can see a free electronic preview of all 86 pages by clicking the above image of the book cover or go to this web address:

BACK COVER of the book.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. What a beautiful selection of your photos! I’m sure it was difficult to narrow down your selection. Congratulations on your coming ten year anniversary! These years sure have gone fast.

    1. Thanks Bonnie! And yes, the 10 years have gone by fast, though not technically 10 until December. It includes the Covid Pandemic and a big Cancer surgery and treatments, but mostly a lot of nature photography all over this beautiful country! It was a good decision to spend my final years in this little nature-focused country and I have never regretted it! Pura vida!

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