U.S. & Other Countries’ Butterflies

It’s fun to “REDISCOVER” what you already have! A new collection of photo galleries has been created in my big main gallery, to display butterfly photos I made in other countries before moving to Costa Rica, especially during my last 10 years in the USA, where I found that I had old photos for 64 species! Not as many in other countries visited, particularly since I was not focused on butterflies back then! 🙂 There is a main “folder” Gallery for “other countries” with country galleries in that or in the case of the U.S., another folder with Taxonomy Family folders for a lot more butterflies! These new galleries are organized as follows . . .

CLICK this gallery image to go there!

Here’s three samples of the photos in these galleries . . .

Florida Purplewing – Eunica tatila – at St-Louis-Zoo. A new & fun butterfly for me! Found mainly in Florida.
Spicebush Swallowtail – Pterourus troilus – photographed at Frozen Head State Park, Wartburg, Tennessee and found in most of the USA. A favorite back then.
Mourning Cloak – Nymphalis antiopa – At Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, and is common all over the USA, yet new and exciting to me! 🙂

And of course don’t forget BUTTERFLIES & Moths of Costa Rica (270+ species) – My pride and joy! 🙂 It is possible that I could soon have more CR butterflies than birds in my photo collections! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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