Ceraunus Blue

This tiny little butterfly was new to me in a September 2022 sighting at Hotel Banana Azul in Caribbean Costa Rica, which I saw again there and in my garden in 2023, Ceraunus Blue, Hemiargus ceraunus! I liked it so much I chose one of my garden shots for the cover of my newest butterfly book, Pura Vida Butterflies, Second Edition released last month.

Of course I also have a Ceraunus Blue GALLERY with shots from all four sightings. Now here’s what I saw the other day in my garden, with two shots, even though not as good as my earlier photos :-)  . . .

Ceraunus Blue, Atenas, Costa Rica — 
And what looks like a black/dark brown corner of the wing is actually a shadow of the leaf above him. :-)
Ceraunus Blue, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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