That Strange Christmas Flower

This past Christmas I got a potted poinsettia for my terrace as usual, but the only one they had at the time I purchased it was the strange red with white flecks or variegations in the petals.  :-)

A Strange New Poinsettia for Christmas.

More of my flowers in My Home Gardens GALLERY.

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “That Strange Christmas Flower”

  1. I spent several minutes this morning looking at EVERY photo of flowers and plants in your Garden of Eden gallery. Descriptive words are not sufficient to describe their beauty. I wished several times for an electronic device to allow the fragrance of the flowers to be enjoyed. You and your team of eight gardeners have done an excellent job of bringing beauty to your CR home. You certainly have captured the beauty of your garden through the lens of your camera! Well done, Charlie.

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