Madre Verde Butterflies!

Yesterday was the last morning birding hike with my friend from British Columbia and Walter took us to a new nature reserve for me, Reserva Madre Verde near Palmares which is north of Atenas, a 30 minute drive through beautiful mountains (or maybe hills). :-)

Our two hour hike up & down a hill had a 300 meter rise in altitude was good for us 80-somethings! We heard lots of birds but in a fairly thick forest we did not see as many as the other two birding hikes. I got photos of only 3 birds – BUT – I’m still happy because I got photos of 9 different species of butterflies, which took me all afternoon to identify and process the photos AND I got 3 new species for me! :-) So a very good 2-hour hike! Below is a gallery with one shot of each of the 9 butterflies after this one shot for the email version of post . . .

Tiger Mimic-White, Reserva Madre Verde, Palmares, Costa Rica

CLICK IMAGE to see larger!

The 3 with asterisks (*) are the 3 new species for me.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. We try to go to Madre Verde every week. It is my favourite local spot. So glad you got there and thank you for identifying the butterflies. There are howler monkeys there sometimes and a friend saw a troop of coatis. We have seen a tarantula hawk (such a pretty wasp).

    1. Thanks Margaret! I’m glad I finally got to visit it! The only mammals we saw were squirrels! 🙂 And only a few birds though we heard dozens, just no photos! If you photograph butterflies there, be sure to submit the photos to to help with this volunteer research program to help identify where certain species are still living.

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