Gray Wasp with Blue Wings

I continue to find insects in Costa Rica to be so interesting and sometimes weird! And I quickly gave up on using a close up lens for insects because to get as close as is needed you scare off the bug! :-) Thus I use the same lens that I use for birds high in a tree, my 150-600 mm zoom lens and can get images sometimes nearly as good as a close up without scaring of the insect off.

One of those, besides the many butterflies that I prefer, was this blue and gray wasp with an fun face! enjoy these two shots and I have no good way to identify for sure, but think “Blue & Gray Wasp” is a pretty good temporary name for this one! And I searched several websites without finding this one out of hundreds of species here! :-) 

Blue & Gray Wasp, Macaw Lodge, Carara NP, Costa Rica
Blue & Gray Wasp, Macaw Lodge, Carara NP, Costa Rica

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¡Pura Vida!

3 Replies to “Gray Wasp with Blue Wings”

  1. Great page !?Thank you. I’m a Costarricense and I move to Guanacaste and I’m learning a lot about insets and your page is a help!

  2. Much thanks Lorna! That is the simple purpose of my blog, to share my experiences in nature with photos and hopefully get other people involved in nature too! And Costa Rica is the best nature place in the world!

    ¡Muchas gracias Lorna! Ese es el simple propósito de mi blog, compartir mis experiencias en la naturaleza con fotos y, con suerte, involucrar a otras personas también en la naturaleza. ¡Y Costa Rica es el mejor lugar natural del mundo!

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