Melodious Blackbird

This all black bird can be found on both slopes of Costa Rica and in some areas is quite common. He is the only totally black bird in Costa Rica with even his bill and eyes being black. Read about him on eBird or see more of my photos (better ones) in the Melodious Blackbird Gallery.

Melodious Blackbird, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Melodious Blackbird”

  1. I often wondered about the lovely bird call I often heard on my morning walks. — until I got the Cornell bird identifier— melodious blackbird—- much nicer call than toucans😁

    1. Yes, black is beautiful! But difficult sometimes to see all his features in a photo with black eyes, black beak, or literally everything black! 🙂 In some ways the Great-tailed Grackle is more striking with the male having a purple sheen on the black plus contrasting yellow eyes and the female a rich brown with yellow eyes. See them at Or compare with this better singer at

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