Blooming Cactus?

No – though the first time I saw these bright pink flowers on top of the cactus plant at a house I walk by frequently on my way to town, I thought is was going to be a beautiful cactus! But it seems that the owner of that house has allowed his Bougainvillea to climb over from the wall to the cactus and from a distance, the second photo, it looks like it’s blooming. And some cactus here do bloom, but I’ve not seen that one bloom yets.

Bougainvillea on a cactus makes it look like the cactus is blooming.

From a distance it looks more like a blooming cactus. Plus the same house has a blooming tree that might make a “street tunnel” if the power company doesn’t cut it. 🙂

This is 8th Avenue which I follow to either 3rd or 1st Street to walk downtown four or five days a week. Every house, every person I pass, every tree or flower can add a spark to my day in the slow and simple living in Atenas, Costa Rica!  🙂

And About My Hospital Visit Last Week

I may have mentioned here that I thought I had an appointment in the “free” Social Security Geriatric Hospital for an evaluation of the spot on my thyroid gland. It was not big enough for a biopsy yet, my private oncologist said, but if it turned out to be cancer, it will be an “easy” surgery with no radiation treatment.  🙂  But I made the decision to move to the government or Social Security doctors to continue the evaluation of this and anything else that comes up. I cannot afford another private hospital and doctor surgery and I make monthly payments for Social Security (Seguro Social) here, meaning I need to go back to using it which I was before Covid and liked it, even if a little slow.

Well, the appointment was not for the evaluation, but to make an appointment for the evaluation which another public doc had written a referral for. That’s right! “An appointment to get an appointment” which is the way the public system works.

So that day with my trusty driver and interpreter Walter, I made two appointments to return to the national Geriatric Hospital Blanco Cervantes to get lab blood work on August 4 and see the oncologist on August 15. I don’t consider that too slow, just a little over 2 months away, and then they will probably do the same thing the private doc was doing, get an ultrasound of the thyroid every 6 months until it is big enough for a biopsy and then go from there.

I am thankful that I live in a country now with excellent medical service for all the people, not just the rich. And I look forward to seeing how this develops with my only expense being transportation to get there!

¡Pura Vida!

This Week in Costa Rica Video from Tico Times.


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  1. We are all keeping you in our prayers Charlie! I’m thankful too that you have good medical care. Atenas sure looks beautiful especially with those blue skies and the mountains in the background!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I feel I’m in good hands when I need medical care and thankful that I do not have to spend all of my retirement income on it! And yes, I love it here and like the blue skies but wish the rains would start. No rainy season yet! It is late starting this year. It may be a dry year.

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