Appreciating a Neighbor

My walks to town or “Central Atenas,” as they call it here, always includes passing the house of a family that plants many flowers, including a zinnia garden at least twice a year. As I walk by I often pull out my cell phone and snap a butterfly or flower. To show my appreciation of these who take the time to plant flowers, I made a little 20-page photo book of the butterflies I photographed over the last year in their garden and will take 3 copies to them as a Christmas gift once the books arrive. You can preview every page of the book for free by clicking the front cover image below or go to this address and click the word “Preview” then each page to see the next:

Of course it’s in Spanish. That’s the language of Costa Rica! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

8 Replies to “Appreciating a Neighbor”

  1. Charlie,
    Please translate what you have written in the book on the page, “Butterfly Garden.” I assume it is a note to the family who will receive your gift of books.

  2. Oh, Charlie, they will love the books. Love your post every day and so thankful your life is full of adventure.

    1. Josette, Thanks and I hope so! Sometimes people don’t get recognized for things like a garden that attracts butterflies! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and I hope life is good for you guys in California!

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