Central Park Atenas

Yesterday I walked to town on a couple of errands, getting another butterfly at 3rd & 8th Ave garden enroute – accomplished my errands – heard some music and then saw the dancers in Central Park, dancing to the music of our town’s “Old Men” Marimba Band. It is almost like Covid is gone (though still giving booster shots) and a somewhat normality in this peaceful little coffee farming town. A few individuals still wear a mask, but generally none.

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¡Pura Vida!

And I still have a few more photos to share from my Caribe trip and they will come eventually and the trip gallery – just been very busy! ¡Pura vida! 🙂

My Gallery on Park Remodeling.

Chronologically from most recent going back to beginning.

An Afterthought: The butterfly I got enroute to town . . .

A White Peacock Butterfly at Calle 3 & Avenida 8, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.


5 Replies to “Central Park Atenas”

    1. “Que sera, sera . . . whatever will be, will be!” ~Doris Day? (I think) or was it Mary Poppins? 🙂

      They seldom advertise these things, but most activity like this is late-morning and mid-day in Central Park on Saturday. This is getting back to “normal.”

  1. I especially love the band and the dancers! I love the dancers dresses, so beautiful! Of course it helps that my favorite color is blue!

    Thank you!!!


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