The Two Basilisks

In the Caribe where I was last week, there two kinds of Basilisks, both called “Miniature Dinosaurs” and “Jesus Christ Lizards” (because they both “walk on water”). The most popular is the Plumed or Emerald Basilisk (Wikipedia link) and the Common, Striped or Brown Basilisk (Wikipedia link). Here are a couple of photos of each from last week, then be sure to see my galleries for each below that! And I prefer the names of Emerald and Brown! 🙂

Plumed, Green or Emerald Basilisk

Common, Striped or Brown Basilisk

My Gallery titled: Emerald Basilisk

My Gallery titled: Common, Brown or Striped Basilisk

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “The Two Basilisks”

    1. Ha, ha, ha! 🙂 Don’t worry! I think God pre-determined their size and what they would eat! 🙂 And believe it or not, they are a part of the ecological balance of nature and needed in this world!

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