Two-barred Flasher

I photographed this 3 days ago in my garden and the other one I’ve posted was back in October 2021 as seen on my kitchen counter inside my house. 🙂 Plus the same day I photographed this I posted another Skipper with a blue top, similar-looking, but he was a Double-striped Longtail with the two obvious differences being his long tail plus the two stripes in his name referred to dark stripes on his hind wings or folded wings while he had more than two stripes on his top, though similar looking with the blue top! Here’s three photos of today’s “Two-barred Flasher” skipper butterfly.

Two-barred Flasher, Atenas, Costa Rica
Two-barred Flasher, Atenas, Costa Rica
Two-barred Flasher, Atenas, Costa Rica

I encourage you to post your butterfly photos on and by submitting your butterfly sightings you will be contributing to an important scientific database on the location and frequency of different species of butterflies. All insects are decreasing in numbers world-wide at an alarming rate and such monitoring will help in their future preservation.

¡Pura Vida!

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