Calle Balsilla Butterflies

Judith LaBelle introduced me to a new “country road” in Atenas the other day that is likely better for birding! But, because of car trouble, we got there later than planned, with not as many birds photographed (only 4) which I will share tomorrow, but I was wowed by the butterflies flitting along the side of the road when no farmer riding a horse was going by. 🙂

It’s on the other side of Ruta 27 by the Tarcoles River after the dam or after Rio Grande has become Rio Tarcoles. There is a small rural community known as Balsilla de Mora, centered around a church by that name in Atenas Canton that includes some people living over the nearby province line in San Jose Province adjacent to our Alajuela Province. Farming people don’t pay much attention to canton and province lines! 🙂

I’m featuring this neat unidentified butterfly that was our trip target and then 10 more butterflies below it for a total of 11, including 4 new species for me! 🙂 And I’m thankful to Judy who saw this same butterfly on her last trip there and took me back looking for it. There is never a guarantee of repeat sightings of birds or butterflies, but, just as we were leaving, we saw it! I still can’t find it in my books or on the internet, but will keep trying for an ID! 🙂 There’s 1,500+ butterfly species in Costa Rica!

NEW-Unidentified Butterfly for Now, Calle Balsilla, Atenas Canton, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Calle Balsilla Birds in tomorrow’s post and then the third day, landscapes! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

And I already have a Calle Balsilla Gallery started with more photos than I’m showing on the blog! 🙂 Plus I will add photos to that gallery after each visit to this new country road! And yes, I know, it’s not always necessary to go to far-away rain forests to find cool things to photograph! 🙂 But this one is a 15 minute drive out of Central Atenas!

And then there is always my Costa Rica Butterfly Galleries, 154+ species now! Ones not identified are not included in the 154.

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