Iguanas Gaining Popularity

That’s the restaurant now, not the large reptilian lizard! 🙂 But to me the food is still just “so-so” or mediocre. My second try was with nachos that I thought a young-adult oriented restaurant would do really good, but they had no chicken nachos that day and the beef was tough or hard to chew and stringy, catching in my teeth. They again asked me how was the food and I told them, so maybe they will improve? Plus, this time I walked all the way to the back of the long restaurant and out into their patio which is obviously the most popular section. It is beautiful with a cool outdoor Costa Rica mural and a statue of an iguana! Pleasing environment! 🙂 Fun, youthful restaurant! And tourists will like too!

Outdoor Patio area of Iguanas Restaurant, Atenas, Costa Rica.
Sign inside the front door people were making selfies and group photos in front of.
Iguanas Restaurant in Central Atenas, Costa Rica. Much bigger than entrance implies!

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. I had a similar experience the first time I had the Beef Vindaloo at the new, and otherwise excellent, Monsoon Restaurant – the beef was tough and stringy,
    I mentioned this to David, the owner, and suggested he spend a little more, and upgrade the quality of his beef.

    He did so, and now his Beef Vindaloo is very, very good.

    1. Thanks for the hint Howard, maybe I try the Beef Vindaloo next time! 🙂

      Their Chicken Curry was super good! But the Tandoori Chicken was too dry for me (though I think that is the Indian style). I told them what I thought, but they do need to stay true to the “authentic” recipes. 🙂

  2. Oh gosh— saw the headline and hoped it wasn’t a recipe ! ?
    Going to give that place a try very soon. Looks like a fun place to bring guests( who arrive soon)

    1. Then my headline Steve would have been “Chicken of the Tree,” which is what poor people in the country here call Iguanas they kill, cook and eat. 🙂

      Your guests may like that patio, but I have not found a food there yet that I can recommend. Just a block and a half away at “Park Avenue” Restaurant, next to Banco Nacional, is much better food and then for a grill I still recommend Parillada Androvetto, about a block and a half this side of Maxi Pali on Ruta 3. And for pasta, Firenze, across the road from Androvetto and closer to Maxi Pali, is the best pasta restaurant, in my opinion. I like better than La Terraza, but both are OK for pasta. There’s too many pizza places and too many opinions to recommend one of them. In fact, nearly every restaurant has pizza now! 🙂

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