FAVE BIRDS – Rose-throated Becard

I became aware of the Rose-throated Becard (eBird description) when in 2017 I got this close-up of a female in my own garden! 🙂 See other shots in my Rose-throated Becard Gallery from only 2 different locations in Costa Rica, one other in my neighborhood and one at Punta Leona on the Pacific Coast.

Rose-throated Becard, My Garden, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

The Backstory

Not much story beyond getting this favorite shot in my garden earlier and a surprise shot on the Mantas Beach at Punta Leona Hotel Resort, Jaco. Not the kind of bird you expect on a beach! 🙂 I also got another shot near my house on the Calle Nueva country road. That’s my only three times to see this bird and all but one shot were of females which are brownish while the male is black & white with the rose throat, thus the name. And it is not to be confused with the Rose-breasted Grosbeak (my gallery).

¡Pura Vida!

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