STREET ART: Nashville

My last post in this Street Art series will be from my last hometown in the states before moving to Costa Rica: Nashville, Tennessee USA (where I lived from 1977-2014 less 3 of those years in The Gambia). As in other places, Street Art was not my focus as a nature photographer, but this is a sampling with some commissioned art I’m sure.

There is so much “purposed” Street Art in Nashville that it leaves not much demand for “graffiti-style” art as you can see in my gallery: Pre-Costa Rica NASHVILLE Photos 1977-2014 within which you can find statues and architectural art along with art projects like the 2010 Bike Rack Sculptures, 2005 Guitars, and 2003 Catfish art objects found all over Nashville! Those are really a type of “Planned Street Art” as are some beautiful special installations like at Music Circle and Riverfront Park included in another gallery Public Art & Statues. Nashville is worth exploring by the art lover! Not to mention some great art museums & galleries! 🙂

Nashville Street Art

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¡Pura Vida!

That CONCLUDES THIS SERIES of posts on “Street Art” which you can go back and see all 9 posts under the Blog tab on the menu chronologically over the last 9 days or search in the blogs search box for “Street Art” or the name of a particular city.

Because “Birds” have been my major photo focus since moving to Costa Rica. I’m thinking that my next series will be on birds, but limiting myself to just 7 days or one week of posts, maybe my “Top 7 Favorite Bird Photos” since coming to Cost Rica. Tough choices for me but maybe you will learn about a new bird through and appreciate my photography more! 🙂

But tomorrow I take break – no post tomorrow unless something fresh comes up! 🙂

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