Overdoing it? Exhaustion?

Feeling tired is a common experience. It can be caused by disrupted sleep habits, a change in routine, or the appearance of stressors in your life. No matter the reason, tiredness can push us to our limits emotionally and mentally. In some cases, extreme tiredness sets in. This is called exhaustion.


Or in my case, I think I was just doing more physically than my healing body was ready for. When I finally got home Wednesday night, after a delayed flight and 7 days of hiking up and down hills through the rainforest, I collapsed in my bed and slept for 11 hours! Of course I had errands to run yesterday and then today I’ve just chilled, not leaving the house, with laundry my most strenuous activity. 🙂

Tree on the Creek Trail, Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge

I still recommend Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge, but now add the disclaimer that it is an “active place for healthy people” that requires a lot of walking just to and from your cabin, not to mention all the trails and other activities, etc. My cellphone said I walked more than 14,500 steps one day – which normally is very good! But I was not healthy enough for that, not fully recovered from cancer treatment. But I will be soon! And by the September trip to the Caribe, I expect to be my normal active self, enjoying more walks wherever I am. 🙂 Pura vida!

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”

― Hal Borland

And oh yes, more photos yet to come from this trip!

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Overdoing it? Exhaustion?”

  1. As you know, I loved that lodge. I’m glad you had such a great adventure and glad you are home to rest. Sending hugs — Ellie

  2. I thought a beautiful place like this lodge would tempt you to overdo it. I’m glad you are resting now as I’m sure your body needs it. I know you must have enjoyed your trip and gotten lots of wonderful photos! I’m looking forward to seeing them – after you are rested up!

    1. 🙂 And I should have known better, though after the second day and falling on the steep Pacific Trail, I did slow down, yet got a few decent photos like the Tinamou eggs, an owl plus an okay shot of a Toucan on my leaving day, but nothing like I would have gotten with more energy and strength. “Live & learn” they say! And the funny thing is that my next trip in September is the most laid-back of all the places I visit, Hotel Banana Azul in the Caribe, with no hills, minimal walking, fewer birds and other animals and generally more relaxing, which is what I needed this time but I will welcome then! 🙂

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