King Louie Waterfall

Friday morning I did my birding hike with guide Carlos and after breakfast he offered to take me to the King Louie Waterfall which said could take me all day hiking, so off we went on a golf cart by the roads, not the trails! When we got there the only marked trail is to get in the creek and hike over slippery rocks up hill to the waterfall. But, he said, someone made a land trail along the side of the mountain that would be easier! Not! Someone took a pick and chiseled out a very narrow path that was all crumbling rock or sand. With every step, part of the trail would slide down the side of the mountain and almost me several times. We finally gave up before we go all the way to the 100 foot waterfall. So goes life sometimes! 🙂

Or see all four shots . . .

¡Pura Vida!


Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge

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  1. Charlie so glad you are recovering nicely! It’s good to hear your hiking and birding again. Much live!
    Gill & Scott

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